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Podcast Ep1: Breakthroughs with Mom at 72

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Hi, welcome y'all. This is Ray from Eayikes. Welcome to Soulversations. This is our podcast originally was made as a card game, a connection building card game, to cultivate more courage, compassion, wonder and create spaces and places and times for people to really connect, sit down, listen to each other, to be heard. And to really create another level of relationship and understanding, especially with the world that we're living in right now is pretty wild with sound bites, instant reactions, comments, judgments, people not asking questions to learn deeper, but to take just a small soundbite or a small tweet or small phrase that someone writes into to have a full judgment of a person and really insert beliefs as opposed to judgments as opposed to allowing the space to learn. 

This is our podcast to hopefully create the opposite of that space for people to go deeper, to process, to learn, and to examine certain things about themselves and unlock their lives and relationships that have and so first episodes actually important to me, because it's around somebody that I've judged and placed a lot of judgments in my life and have had a hard time understanding in all of my 37 years, but have have been working towards that, who is my mom. And so we've always been a little bit on the other end of the spectrum growing up and just in general person asks a lot of why and I want to get to the heart of things I want to get to the understanding for myself, I'm always in pursuit of some sort of truth or examination. And my mom's remedied a lot of things when I was younger, when I would ask why is because i am your mom. Being a Roman Catholic, Filipino mom, immigrant, she was very strong in those ideas. And, for me, I always questioned it, but also gained a lot from my mom and I have learned a lot from her. But we've definitely had our friction, and it's been a working thing. And we didn't really get tight till she was in her 60s. When my dad passed in 2009, I think that whole process of him having cancer and moving back home and, and really learning that process and living with them. And, you know, you experienced something like that, and everybody has to evolve regardless, because life will demand it from you. It's not asking it from you. And me, my mom got really close from there and just built a deeper relationship. She's never been one to to really share her feelings. And I've just come to learn that more over the years in terms of her her own traumas and her own experiences of the way that she grew up. And the conversations that we've had over the years.

This is actually a third conversation that I've recorded with her. And it didn't always go smooth the first time she really fought it, but it went well. And then the second one was after we made Soulversations the card game was practicing with her. And then we actually got into a fight. And then this one she really settled in, and we ate outside of the Denny's. So you hear that. But I just learned that my mom's a really great storyteller, and learned a lot about what's influenced the way that she is today. And the way that she views her life now, at 72. I actually came back for her birthday this past weekend. So yeah, I'll pop in and out during the interview and kind of give context of certain things. But this is somebody who I had in mind very much when we were making silver and writing of like someone some who would be someone that I'd want to cultivate this with, who'd be the hardest person and the most resistant and my mom was one of the people and yeah, so there's this conversation and one of the cool things was on my way back. After we have this interview we always finish with like a breakfast before I go home. When I visit. So I left her a copy of Soulversations on the on her table in the kitchen. And as I was driving home, she called me. She asked me all about it open up the cards and was going through them and asking me how to play to facilitate for her friends. So yeah, just having those conversations those Soulverastions with people really just change things and so somebody who I didn't think had that in them at some points with my mom is a beautiful thing to see so but yeah, here's the here's a conversation and I'll I'll pop in.

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