Podcast Ep2: Being a Refugee, Fasting for 3 Days, Unconditional Love

  • 1 min read
Welcome y'all, right here, this is the Soulversations Podcast where we cultivate courage compassion and wonder. It's all about sitting with each other, holding space, having conversations where we can learn.

Today is a really special episode, because it's somebody who, in our community is super hallowed in Eayikes, she is compassion personified, unconditional love personified, and wisdom personified - Auntie Esther.

This is all the more special because it's October 7 right now as we're cutting this, and it's her birthday, and she's literally still here in our house in the front having conversations we had a surprise gathering for her. So that makes us all the cooler. I appreciated having an opportunity to sit down with her on Monday and just learn from her and just listen to her storytelling, listening to the way that she speaks her gentle manner and soaking that all up being in her presence and learning more about myself in the process.

So, I hope you enjoyed this, as much as I did, and you get a sense of just how special Esther is. So check it out. I'll catch ya the end. Happy Birthday Esther.

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