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What is Soulversations?
What up family, thanks for coming through! The Soulversations (soulful + conversations) card game is our way to give you the tools to bring more connection and compassion into the world. Soulversations was originally a booth at a house party in which we facilitated strangers meeting one another. Now, it's a connection-building card game featuring 100 cards of questions, activities, and helpful tips. Made for 3+ players, as a group you'll be discussing questions and playing games in order to collect a full Soulversations set. Our hope is that when you play you re-experience your childlike wonder! Maybe you tell a story, maybe you jam out to a nostalgic song. A little thumb war breaks out, you share a secret, and you finish the game feeling hella good and more connected to your friends. That's that good stuff! We think anything is possible when you're fully present and saying yes with people you trust!  At its core, Soulversations is an experience filled with unique moments of openness, reflection, and camaraderie shared among those who choose to play.
Why Soulversations?
It’s wild times in the world right now. Everything is rapidly changing, technology is exponentially evolving, and the ways we communicate and connect as humans seem to be growing more distant. In today's climate of hot takes, snap judgments, and echo chambers, we're transforming the way we connect by creating opportunities to spend quality time with each other and discover understanding. We believe healing happens through connection, and connection builds when you come to a real understanding of a person. This is our little contribution to that.
What is Eayikes?
It's our grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit here in Los Angeles. For over six years we’ve been practicing and learning how to build deeper and more meaningful relationships through our community services, workshops, camps, and social gatherings. Courage, compassion, and wonder - we believe these core values are essential for a fulfilling life. Practicing them empowers you to become the greatest version of yourself and we believe that positive energy ripples to everyone else around you. Everyday we continue to build a community of people who are striving to be more courageous, compassionate, and open to the wonder of life. With this people power, we use our collective energy to support the causes and serve the communities around us.
How is Soulversations connected to the work of Eayikes? 
Soulversations is the spirit of Eayikes in a box. In recent years we've been exploring how to scale our impact in a way that doesn't compromise the intimacy of our events. From that place came this connection-building card game. Soulversations reflects what we've learned from Eayikes and is crafted in a way that puts the power of human connection in your hands. It's for you and whoever you want to bring together to tell stories, self-reflect, play, laugh, be present, and practice courage, compassion, and wonder. By purchasing and playing this card game, you’re helping support community programming in our world while creating change in yours. It's a win-win!
Will you join us?
By saying "yes" to this work, you're joining a larger movement that's building a more loving world.  As we continue forward on our mission, we’re listening, learning, and soaking up all your feedback in the process. You're an important part of making this thing work. We'd love to hear about your experience with Soulversations!

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