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Huh? Soulversations began as a booth at a party?

  • 1 min read

Huh? Soulversations was a booth at a party? A little history behind this connection-building card game.

It was a summer day in Los Angeles. The year, 2018. Sun was shining, music was playing, beers were had, and bread was broken. No special occasion besides the desire to bring people together. As a social experiment we popped up a table, made a sign on a white board, added table cloths, index cards, pens, and a pack of question cards - a gift from the previous year's White Elephant exchange. The only rules were each person had to select one card and answer it. After they were done the partners had to find two others to take their place. Slowly but surely, two at a time they took a seat... and voila! Soulversations was born.

In July 2017 Eayikes co-founders (Kyle, Ray) and I moved out of our separate apartments and into a home together (with a backyard!) with the intention of digging deeper into the work and hosting community functions. And here we were manifesting.

I once read a quote from Steve Jobs about having faith that the dots will connect. It's pretty crazy to be writing this post in December of 2019 looking back at how this booth at a party inspired such a strong team effort to bring Soulversations to life as a card game so that more people can experience the magic of human connection. Another dot connecting! More confirmation that we're on the right path.

by Alex Yoon

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