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This card game is an opportunity for you to get past the small talk, re-experience your childlike wonder, and connect with others on levels of real understanding. It's simple. All it takes is bringing together people who are down to trust and say yes to the experience. The magic will take care of itself!

*Each Soulversations box contains 100 cards of questions, activities, and tips to maximize your experience. 

*Designed for 3+ players in a quiet environment. Build community by answering questions and playing games to collect a full Soulversations Set.

*100% of profits directly support Eayikes grassroots community programs. Funds tight? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to discuss how to get you the game.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
M.Iné Cristófol Sel
Looking forward to have it! Waiting…

I haven’t receive it yet. Could you please track the parcel and let me know the status?

Tim Woo
perfect gift

i have friends that enjoy spending time playing board games and talking during snowboard trips, so i bought this game in hopes of deepening the convos together. i've also heard this game can be used in different contexts, so i'm really excited to see what kind of conversations come from it. hope to see more upgrades to the core soulversations game soon :)

Kun Zhang


LOVE this game!

I heard about Soulversations from a friend and thought it would be a good tool for a retreat a program I head was having. I was so intrigued by the reviews and the information I read about it, that I bought a pack for myself. Although the recommendation is that this game be played by 3+ people, my husband and I played together. After 22+ years of being together, Soulversations is helping us learn new things about one another. Since then, I've already scheduled dates for game nights with quite a few friends and family members. Such a great concept behind this game, especially when quite a few of us feel detached from one another. I've also decided to gift several packs to my best friends. Thank you so much for this game. It really is life-changing!

Jessica Nizar
Breaks the ice and build connections

I've played this amazing card game a couple times over this pandemic with family and friends on zoom and with a grandparent who was very ill. It served as a great tool for helping us dive deeper into some subjects we might have never asked each other about. I love it because its an excuse to dig deeper with each other-- that ordinarily might feel out of the blue, but the game creates the setting to do so. Get it! You won't regret!

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